Dogs/YONQ by Pop, better known as Mulla Gjorki

You don't see rabbits being walked down the street

And you don't see many cats on leads

YONQs pet YONQs YONQs rapacious wet YONQs

Owner of YONQs slow-witted YONQ owner

Owner of rabid YONQ saving fare for tunnel

Euro-dream of civil, civil liberation for YONQs

Society secret society inevitable nightmare

Of drift YONQ pet YONQs street bullshit

YONQ shit baby bit ass-lick YONQ mirror

Dead tiger shot and checked out by YONQ

Big tea-chest-fucker YONQ

Black collar sends East German refugee back switch and crap pathetic

Of earth-like lousy YONQ role model for infidel YONQhouse continent

Most citadel YONQ-eye mirror hypnotic school slaver and learn

Rot from YONQ on grass and over nervous delicate YONQ

Detracts light from indiscrepant non-YONQ-lover

YONQ pet YONQ come home to ya

Come home we'll talk shit to ya

YONQ the pet-owner-owner blistered hanging there death YONQ

Plato of the human example and copier YONQmaster pet mourner

YONQ is life