2778 by

Pop, better known as Mulla Gjorki

In the year 2778, a vitrified Emily Blunt is raised from the world of the nearly dead to the world of the living, to play a bit-part in a movie about a civil war on the Mexican border - between the drug gangs of the earlier 2000s. This turns out to be a problem. As Blunt begins over the course of several days to regain consciousness she also begins to understand that she is being used as propaganda by a cabal of computer programmer warlords in a North America that has been radically changed and depopulated in an otherwise irrelevant catastrophe.

Beginning with a knife-fight, Blunt’s mutilated corpse embarks on a series of indiscriminate killings in an effort to end the end of the world, with the goal of saving as many people as possible from their inevitably more painful deaths. Of course this premise is implausible as nobody expects there to be a world in the year 2778. Nonetheless the year number is more of a plot device than a serious prediction.

As the coming and final civil war approaches, Blunt eventually falls in love with the same film director, computer programmer, warlord who originally revived her from the vitrine, and brings him around to a more open-hearted ideology. Their hopeless romance and hopelessly positive vision for the future end in a gun battle between improvised armoured cars when she is killed as he openly weeps over her charred and acid-stained body, with the implication that he is next. Obviously by the end she has never borne a child, at least not as a zombie.