Pop, better known as Mulla Gjorki

I have never met anybody so fearless as Mulla Gjorki. After suffering a seizure on his return to London, he valiantly carried on with his work both as a writer and a journalist, even after being hospitalised with alcohol withdrawal. His photographic memory and viciously complex satire are a testament to an intellect far beyond my own.

In works that will stand beyond the test of time. In the extremity of his vision. Mulla Gjorki, the man himself, may even live beyond The Body.

On my wall hangs a portrait of Mulla which I treasure every morning. The Body controls our thoughts, yes, but it is this POP which gave us our freedom. And, this is how it will go on.



The Bourgeoisie


What Has Language Wrought

The Moon


Who Will Save Him

Whistle While You

There's a thing


John Cooper Gjorki

Note on a romance or, The Other Way Round