SCRYTYPING by Natalie Terezi Rei Watts

Divination through liquid crystal.

. climate war second deluge corporate ark atlantean oecumenopolis (dream of slaying the old ones) conspiracy theory

caligula resurrected for anti-oceanic warfare

Google endorses the US government-in-exile's napalming of R'lyeh

: jupiter converted into a toynbee memorial after kubrick's corpse found suspended in the red spot, NASA sigils scarified along his phallus. the skies are congested with linoleum laminae and asphalt crack-sealant, and in the name of Iao corpses are stored in monoliths for future commodity-resurrection as reified media homage and cultural heat death searing the lungs. europa is drained to prevent xenochthonic schizoinvasion (the impossible territorialities corrupting our own fraying at the edges water rippling them apart canvas dissolved paint melting prismatic whorls of impossible depth, if I try to scry any further I'm going to have an infohazard deplicate my cortical folds with pincers external to time and it'll be too hot for me to not squirm)

saturn devouring his daughter titan 4D t-sheaths extracted illegally from the demiurge chronology by time rebels dispersed in anarchic mnemo-simulations preserving the titanian life with liminal disjunctions of traumatic hauntoculture fractured in the methane vents the glitchswimmers in magnetic remanence seas dream of revolution in bitwise azotosome swarmachines (simulator nomad cybergothics traversing silicon psychoplanes arrive to bestow the guns)

elon musk found dead chewed in half by the face on mars

new types of guys invented and ideomechanically birthed to fill dwindly military draft rates

:. zero-grav rituals in oneill hulls blood channeling upwards in a 3d glyph the dead station's lights sputtering to life as the glass reflects suns extruded inside-out peristalsis moving through thermal plating the statues bleed ion ichor

:: sea madness as a type of drug, salt water and forgotten sailors* compressed into an ampoule used by US soldiers to gain anti-gnosis inoculation. microdosing on delirium until sedated to the unfathomable (but still frail to the arational tendrils slipping in)

* viscid memory exudate†

† if you go to a shipwreck you should be able to lick a bunch off the walls. it's very gooey

tastes a bit like drowning but you can get around that easily

:; the future is of course multifaceted a nebulous drift emerging from potentials budding like weeds in the present but scrying has the ability to carry its ideas back to us like a new infestation. it can be used for fascism (the stars foretelling our every action an inescapable concourse of death drive) or the germination of impossibilities set to overwrite the very firmaments themselves, the other outside of time piercing in our weft(x,y,z) and warp(t) everting new worlds

:;. hard sci-fi is physics attempting to memetically assert its domination over the literary socius

:;: terrestrial capitalism tries to spread its neoplasm on colony-tumors heralded by spacex metastasizing the stars* orbital body without organs gravity is decoded and yaldabaoth's teeth gouge astronomical units

* return to the archon planets in their sublunary glory (because capitalism can only view things in the physical, in the meat; they refuse to imagine just how much higher truth can be [those who recognize it try to fight against it, profit margin a febrile delusion. they grow sick on the stocks])

<·> discourse over the deep scattering neolayer and if it's "too radical" to redistribute your neuronal glue over a kaleidoscope of dysphotic ichthyoforms, fins joined in bythorganic harmony

<·>. new forms of death are legalized by the UN to curb the upswell of abiotic technogenesis

.<·>. cthulhu sissy madness fleshdrives exchanged under KMW+Nexter nightfall starlight choked by by muzzle brakes

.<·>: the military industrial complex owns a throne at the seat of heaven

:<·>: the night sky vanishes

defense contractors scramble to build a replacement before the pseudopodia shine down

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