}[ by Natalie Terezi Rei Watts

braindeath in temporal lobotomy slipspace

{i}'m skating on an ice floe where my hands are dragging out behind me in tattered shards (hideaki anno's focus on the symbol was on how we reach to interact with the world and reach out to reject / fear of holding)

red floral on blue metal

it isn't exciting to be sta8bed through the chest

the nerves always feel it more than you do, they sing choirs {i} can't hear

Eris forgive me but {i}'ll have to pray for an order {i} never had

someone to rearrange my cortext in all the right ways it wasn't

instead of a shitty playdoh spiral (ito was it life tkmiz or was it anything that traps)

{i} kick the engine up to 2c and i feel nothing*alienated(reification-todestrieb repeater) because i 'm in the domain of the skulls now

no symbology of death, though, because scythes are way sharper and cooler than what this place is

smells like [my] self†singular

[where are you guys?]