Gorebreak ASDEDM by Natalie Terezi Rei Watts

Cut-up eye-witness shock. Cw for gore, death, serial killers

retrieved from the dissected gut of a maggot that fed on human tissue

Is this a private joke or are you going to let me in on it?

His hands were missing, and it did not appear from the position in which it was found

The race is over now and forever / You gotta lead it your way

After much drilling we realised that her cranium was around 3-4 cm thick all the way around

Burning lights / Hang over head / Body high

A rotting human corpse is the cornerstone of a complex ecosystem / botched beheading

Clear all this space (clear all this space)

tainted food or water, germs, malnutrition, or sudden infant death syndrome.

I don't pop molly, I rock microphones / 'Cause I need room to breathe / Let me float back

I did notice a kind of rotten smell but the bins downstairs are strong and the stairwells smell with junkies

You can see your life out the window, tonight

“It you knew them, you’d be able to recognize them.”

Now if we jump together, at least we can swim / Far away from the wreck we never had the chance to prevent

First published in YONQ Issue 3