. What we commonly refer to as "unicorns" are mistaken sightings of helminth-bearing equines, worm tunnels peppering them like emmental, drifting over the plains with wind whistling through their cavities in marionette motion. The horns are broodsacs, variegated; they pulsate for pursuing birds.

: Fairies evolved to possess an anthropocentric symbiosis with the byproducts of our cascading desires. They watch the buckling orogenesis of our wishes, thoughtform landscapes mottled in lust and hope and jealousy, and arrive to scarify the surface for new minerals, mining rigs chitinous and billowing. They prevent our surface from collapsing into itself, and in return they give us the sifted-out spilth of their industrial mandibles -- reality reified. Wish-granting is their excreta.

:. Everything that howls at the moon has a hidden shard of moonlight in it. Lunacy is when you have too many shards, hollering for dusk's return, drifting weightless into the pale as the splinters seek to return and agglutinate with their orbital whole. In the medieval eras when shards rained like peeling snakeskin entire towns would be spotted floating upwards, irreversible voidsiren and the first fears of rapture.

:: To outwit a basilisk all you need is a mirror; to outwit a vampiric basilisk you need to convince them that the reflective lacuna is their reflection.

:; Vampires have no self-image; mirrors a waste they dress in patchwork vesture, fashions ripped out of time, Victorian dresses and Y2K hoodies spreading like invasive microbe colonies through 60s greaser leather and Roman centurion chic.

:;. Mermaids were never maidens or sirens — they were lures. Anglers swim below the murk.

First published in YONQ Issue 5