esoteric girlfriends by Natalie Terezi Rei Watts

girlfriend that's a deep sea wreck

girlfriend that's a city-replicating slime mold

girlfriend that's the 9th osteotome angel

girlfriend that's the digital Basilisk

girlfriend that's comprised of a billion rube goldberg machines simulating consciousness and ejecting eir thoughts through the cracks in your dreams

girlfriend that built himself out of steel and blood and rises into the sky like a scalpel of architecture

girlfriend inhabiting every inch of your epidermis and injecting morpheme to reduce pain response

girlfriend that is your mouth

leech girlfriend. vi's permanently attached to you and requires a constant blood flow from your arteries. vi's warm and squishy from how much blood is in vir

cymothoa exigua girlfriend. replaced your tongue with itself

derelict girlfriend. left abandoned in the woods where animals forage through kem rusted organ hollows, beckoning you with wind chimes rustling through the dangling integumentary

rave girlfriend. the manifested lesbian spirit of rave

failed experiment girlfriend. broke from nem(plural) sensory deprivation restraints and masticates on the nightmare tectonics of comatose technicians

girlfriend who is the skeletal scaffolding holding reality in her ribs

girlfriend who expels from the Monad in pleromic syzergies

girlfriend who is a xenoma on God's gills

girlfriend who jets through the air as a light-speed projectile

girlfriend who crawls ꙮself under your eyes

you can be any girlfriend you want

if you wish for it