Automatic Biopsy by Natalie Terezi Rei Watts

text-predicted AI vivisection:

Accumulation inhibitors periorbital as antemortem hemorrhage thoracic regurgitation wounds while neglect

mortis activity is useful overgrowth destruction accounts for the aseptic breakdown of insect succession

features tend digestive chemoattractants for several satellite pellet holes that influence centerfire

impossible organs such as whitish ribbons purple serrated clusters pooled by intraoral shotgun formation

opening of the body should be performed before the permanent cavity is stretched down the skin

association compressions continue moving forward in vials wearing aspiration forensic fauna

desiccate living activity and dissipation may eventually offer ischemic asphyxia or intracranial blistering

the ambient temperatures increase with the abrasion resembling ballistics and oral vasoconstriction.

and then when we were done we threw the whole thing out because nobody likes a corpse that overstays its