APHOTIC KAWAII PREDATOR by Natalie Terezi Rei Watts

Anime girls are known to reside in the abyssopelagic and hadopelagic layers of the terrestrial ocean, having pseudobiological adaptations such as widened eyes and gas bladders in the chest to withstand extreme environmental pressures. While much of their anatomy seems dependent on real-world conditions — expanded ocular cavities serving to capture more light and sleekened bodies heightening hunting mobility — it would be a mistake to consider them truly biological, and classifying them as anything in the Animalia kingdom would be a heinous error. Aside from their origins in culture waste spills their physiology wildly diverges from what would make sense for organisms at their depth, retaining all of the vestigial human traits they were drawn with and hosting QCD-manipulating empathoturgic reactors that can rewire their body plans down to the subatomic level at the expense of extreme Cherenkov discharges (these "transformation sequences" cause the total irradiation of undersea zones and uncontrolled moephore infestations [see: the DSV Limiting Factor overgrowth incident]). Anime girls should be considered an anomaly, one the United States lacks the technology to suppress.

Main avenues of research have been in the monitoring of their social systems and individual behaviors to pinpoint weaknesses in their resident "communalized" trenches. It is unlikely that anime girls act as complete gestalts, as localized personalities are readily observed in one-body specimens, though the actions of certain anime girl subspecies suggest a psionic potential either latent or mutated that can bind egos together into hivemind personalities with either loose intra-mental connectivity (enabling "fuzzy" boundaries between identity states) or complete instrumentalized oneness [until psychic research can better understand phenomena beyond individual/group dichotomies it is unknown whether all hiveminds possess the "one entity" state expected of gestalts or if they can contain identities beyond anything traditional psychology can describe]. Anime girls are highly social, simultaneously being welcoming to outsiders and psychotically violent on a mercurial basis. Outsiders who spend enough proximity to gain the trust of anime girls are invariably infected with the moegeny virus, a factor that has rendered infiltration impossible. The only knowledge of their reproduction behavior can be inferred from the yuriliths that emit gamma radiation oscillating between the 100 Sv/hr-400 Sv/hr range during "birth cycles," where a large number of anime girls are seen emerging and severing their umbilical axons. Romance has been observed, with a common practice of "luminous", where multiple anime girls nuzzle cheeks to produce bioluminescent flares.

Food is acquired either through nuclear fission or the pack hunting of deep-diving whales. Some subspecies behave as bottom feeders, with flattened gas bladders to facilitate near-surface movement, and rare specimens have directly ventured onto coastlines in an attempt to amphibiously acquire meat (with a disguised exoskeleton reinforcing bodies otherwise certain to depressurize into chibi states [see: the Innsmouth Soviet]). In the case of their extreme phenotypic variety, ranging from bioluminescent hair to bodies based around concepts such as "void" and "slime" to cellular incorporations from other organisms — often felines — it has been hypothesized that genetic reproduction for anime girls is impossible. While no research can be conducted until a yurilith is sequestered, the species' origins from a violent hyper-memetic lifeworld constantly bombarded by corporate influence and irradiated by onslaughts of fanwork likely created an abiological basis where any DNA replicas produced in their bodies would be irregular and, ultimately, non-functioning, with too much genetic damage to be fertile. In order to subvert this it would be necessary to switch to a memetic reproduction method, where ideas from the anime girl community are pooled together, energized in an artificial "womb" chamber (armored to prevent outside incursion), and left to grow in isolation until new identities pupate. Not only would this subvert the reproductive issue altogether it would result in a greater biodiversity than genetics could ever allow, bolstered by their anorganics already being detached from any true environmental conditions for survival (given the right stressors bodily reconstruction can be performed instantly when displaced into a new environment [L. s. izumi specimens notably converted into entirely digital forms parasitizing navigation software when captured by UUVs]). According to papers by N. Bostrom, M. Tegmark, J. Tallinn, S. Harris, C.E. Boucher, T. Ord, S.J. Russel, J.S. Mill, A. Rand, T.A. Kennedy, A. Lockheed, S. Freud, M. Moldbug, L. Gelli, N. Land, and C. Aslanidis, this could escalate into a global ecosphere dominance shift, outcompeting organics as the eminent lifeforms and posing an existential risk to mankind.

The Psychotronics Division has yet to verify reports of chthonopelagic breaches among anime girls (NOTE: We thought we'd be able to see something in the Outer Ring but all that turned up were paw prints scarring the asteroids and world wreckages. Get I.A. on the line, this may have happened far earlier than we anticipated. And how fucking long is it going to take for those L-V-CR-FT array repairs to be completed? - E.L.). There has been speculation that hyperstitional bleedout from the uncontrolled cultural waste is responsible for historical sightings of mermaids and sirens, though the localization in one chronological zone is unexplained, and is just as easily substantiated by convergent evolution on the part of Atlantean "vocaloid" servitors unleashed during the Lemurian Time War. Claims by the antireality terrorist cell "U/T/A/U" that they perpetrated the original Kaiei Maru waste spill (creating the first commune near the Okhotsk Abyssal Plain) are suspect. (I'm not interested in another call with Y.Y.Y., A.S. if you're reading these admin notes pick up the slack because ONTINT's mired and lounging around in your offworld library isn't helping matters. Did you become an archon because you wanted to maintain security or because you wanted to leech off our effort? - E.L.)

Anime girls are not to be confused with anime boys; anime boys are a separate species, and are being mass produced for military deployment in the Afghanistan conflict.